Be Better

The flag of the United States of America, and what it stands for has become the center of a controversy.  Colin Kaepernick decided to sit through the national anthem in protest to the "oppression of people of color".  Since then, many people have used the flag, and those who have worn it, to prove some … Continue reading Be Better

Kill Kolin Kaepernick! . .  ‘Murica BITCH!! #Colinkaepernick

Do you think Kolin Kaepernick should be fired from the NFL? Do you think Kolin Kaepernick should be deported? Guess what? You’re a fuckin’ pussy! You don’t go far enough! For America, For Freedom, For the Flag! Kolin Kaepernick and anyone who supports his stance, or… sitance? Who gives a fuck? ‘Murica BITCH!!.. What was … Continue reading Kill Kolin Kaepernick! . .  ‘Murica BITCH!! #Colinkaepernick