I am Voting for Trump, so Piss Off!



Yep, you all read that title correctly, I am voting for Donald J. Trump, or whoever at this point the Republican representative is.  Why?  Because I want to trigger the left even more that’s why.  Because with the political left, you are either with them or against them.  If you are with them, you can do whatever you want and you will get a pass.  You can actually rape (Bill Clinton, Muslim Immigrants) and the media will love you.  You can falsely say you were raped (Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer) and you get to be the poster child for feminism.  You can even text pictures of your wiener across the country and people will want to make a documentary about you, see what I did there?

Not saying that the hypocrisy doesn’t happen on the right, it does and it drives me bat shit crazy.  It does happen far more on the left though.  These same people outraged over Trumps statements in 2005 (he was a registered Democrat then) about “grabbing them by the pussy” and what not are defending Hillary saying she does not support gay marriage in the same time frame.  They support Hillary’s intimidation of women who spoke out against Bill’s sexual assaults, harassment and rape.  Am I the only one that sees a problem with this?

Am I also the only one that questioned why this tape was held on to for 11 years and is just now being released?  Doesn’t that maybe show just a little bit of the media bias? Maybe?  Because before Trump openly disagreed with the left (and on not that many issues mind you) he was there darling.  But the left always has to keep a little dirt on people, if they have it, just incase they step out of line.  This can be seen outside of the political arena too.

Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Lil Wayne and now LeBron James are all Uncle Toms because they dared to say “all lives matter”.  They dared to understand that segregating people by skin color, which leftists like to do, is racist.  So they were turned on, as soon as they said it, because the political and social left in this country can’t allow people to look past their skin color, genitals or sexual orientation.  If they do that, then they must try to destroy them.

Think I am overstating that?  Go ahead and look at every liberal platform in the country right now.  The common theme is you are a victim of something or someone other than yourself.  They can’t let black people look past their skin color because then they might realize that they could be Dr. Ben Carson, or Herman Cain, or General Colon Powell.  Can’t have them moving up in the ranks now, so the liberal needs them to believe that they are always a victim of racism and that the liberal, once elected, will help them rise up.  How’s that working in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore?

Women have to be the victim of sexism, and something called rape culture.  Second thing first, there is no rape culture.  The is no double secret patriarchy meeting that promotes rape, nor is there one that abdicates the devaluing of a woman.  Men fantasize about women, and do so more lewd and crudely in private or in the presence of other men (locker room banter), just as women were all wet in the panties thinking about Magic Mike and 50 Shades.  It happens, it’s called human nature.  Women, are victims though, but not of some patriarchal system that is holding them down.  Hasn’t been like that in a long time.  Nope, they are victims of feminism and of liberals who can’t actually let women ever feel like they are on equal footing with men.

Similar to Jerry Rice and the like, any woman who steps out of line is immediately trashed. Carly Fiorina is the latest example.  I didn’t see the left taking shots at her before she spoke out against them, couldn’t take shots at her while she was the CEO of Hewlitt-Packard, had to wait until she was on the stage during the Republican primary.  How dare any young girl aspire to be her, instead they can aspire to lace up their combat boots and demand equal treatment and respect all while demeaning everything and everyone that they so desperately want that respect from.  Sad part is, they don’t even respect themselves, because if they did, they would understand that the only thing they are victims of is liberal indoctrination.  Once they realize that they have the power to do for themselves and don’t need government to do it for them, all of a sudden the green hair dye goes away, they put a bra on, shave their legs and start moving up the corporate ladder.

Stop being such a bunch of damned pussies!  Enough with the outrage, over the comments that were made 11 years ago, enough with the victim mentality, enough with the trigger warnings and safe spaces.  Vote for who you want this November, but remember if you are voting a particular way because you are afraid your friends will dump you if you don’t, then you are what is wrong with this country.  If you are so weak-willed and weak-minded that you would fall in line and be accepted, rather than be who you are, then you are what’s wrong with this country.  I am voting for Trump, or at this point whoever the Republican person on the ballot happens to be.  Why?  Because Johnson has smoked himself stupid, Jill Stein is searching for her socialist unicorn and Hillary Clinton is one of the most horrible human beings to have ever walked the planet, oh but that is sexist right?



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