Why I Can’t Let it Go

I make no secrets about my dislike for Hillary Clinton.  Her demeanor, her policies and generally everything she stands for.  Some of this is forgivable, as I do understand that she may view the world differently from me.  However there is one thing that stands out as unforgivable.


Benghazi, and the 33,00 emails that were deleted 2 days after they were subpoenaed.  I can’t forgive that.  Is she solely to blame for Benghazi?  No, there is plenty of blame to go around and it goes all the way to the top.  To claim that there was nothing that could have been done is complete dishonesty.  Would the lives lost on September 11, 2012 have been saved had we sent some kind of support or even a fly by?  Maybe not, but our inaction spoke far louder than anything that came out of then Secretary Clinton’s mouth.  It certainly wasn’t because of a damn video that only had around 300 views on youtube at the time of the attack, it was a terrorist act, a planned and fairly well organized terrorist attack.  Not some spontaneous protest as was said by the Secretary herself.

On Tuesday morning after the first Trump/Clinton debate, a few of us were discussing the pissing contest from the night before.  I need to reiterate my extreme dislike for Hillary Clinton, but I also need to stay honest….she won the first debate.  We laughed at how Trump stumbled most of the night and let his arrogance and temper get the better of him. I had said that his best moment was when he said “I will release my tax returns when you release your 30,00 deleted emails”.  This was met with what I expected, people telling me to “let the Benghazi thing go”, “let the email thing go”, “Bush did the same thing”.  I pondered this for a while, well all day actually and I couldn’t let it go, here is why.

I can’t think of one person who condones drunk driving, but I can think of many who have driven drunk and not gotten caught.  Doesn’t make it right, Bush with his “email thing” was not right, but Bush didn’t get caught.  Now I can also think of people who have gotten caught drinking and driving.  I feel no remorse for them.  I feel no remorse, because we all know the consequences of drinking and driving and people still continue to do it.  So they get the full consequence of the law, and that may vary from state to state, but they do and they should get the full consequence.  Let’s bring this back to Hillary now.

She got caught, she got caught trying to destroy evidence.  She got caught lying to the FBI, Congress and the American people.  Yet, the FBI recommends no charges against her, AG Loretta Lynch welcomed the recommendation a week after a 30 minute meeting with former President Bill Clinton in a plane on a runway in Phoenix.  Why is this?  Why were no charges brought against Hillary when David Petraeus was charged for the exact same thing?  Why are we supposed to just accept that there are two sets of rules?  One for the politically connected, and one for the rest of us as demonstrated by Kristian Saucier being charged with “unauthorized retention of defense information and destroying his laptop and a camera to thwart an FBI probe”.  Sound familiar?  Maybe it’s because after Hillary left the State department in 2013 she retained all of the classified emails, among others, on her private server and then tried to destroy them two days after they were subpoenaed.

Maybe, I can’t let it go, because I still foolishly believe in the rule of law, that we are a nation of laws, and that when we allow some to break those laws while punishing others, we make ourselves ripe for revolution.  When the government cannot be trusted to uphold its most basic duties, you get what we have seen in Baltimore, Milwaukee and Charlotte.  Not saying that the police were wrong in those cases, but the mistrust in the government entities to perform their basic duties has led to the rioting.  So Why can’t I let go of the “Benghazi thing” or the “email thing”?  Because I won’t let go of my principles, not for one second, and certainly not because some people want to excuse it or write it off as not that big of a deal.  When discussing this, and using the drunk driving analogy, I was told “drinking and driving can kill people”  my response was pretty clear and pungent “so can Hillary Clinton”.

Hillary Clinton wants to know what difference it would make at this point?  That’s an easy question to answer.  We can return the faith in our government that has been lost over the last number of years.  We can reassure the public, that the House of Representatives, still represents the people who elected them.  We can reassure the people, that those who are unelected officials, such as Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State, are held accountable for their actions.  We can reassure the people, that they still have a government that works for them.  Instead the government punts.  FBI Director Comey (appointed, not elected) recommends no charges against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (appointed, not elected) and Attorney General Loretta Lynch (appointed, not elected) accepts the FBIs recommendation to not indict Clinton.  Oddly enough, all three were appointed by President Barrack Obama, the only person in all of this who was elected, but he’s not up for re-election so I guess he doesn’t have to pretend to care anymore.  I hope I have solidified my thoughts on this mater and why I can’t let the “Benghazi thing” and the “email thing” go.

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