Score One for the Boners!

HuffPo fails….again.


Okay, so I will defeat her entire nonsensical argument very quickly.  Go back and watch the first 20 seconds again.  Notice anything?  Maybe that they defeated their own argument right off the bat.  Considering the source, Huffington Post, one would think that this is easy to identify.

In case you are not economically inclined, and you also don’t understand Huffington Post, I will explain it to you.  Huffington Post is a super progressive publication.  Well, they claim to be progressive, actually they are regressive.  These are the same people who took a picture of their all female, all white board room and claim to be diverse.  Sorry, there was an asian girl hiding in the back in that picture?


Ah yes, DIVERSITY! So anyways, they are a bunch of hypocrites, who are so wrapped up in themselves that they can’t even smell their own fecal matter or blue waffles.  They also like to rail against those greedy corporate bastards who are suck the life out of the economy and people and will do anything to increase that profit margin.  Except for hire women apparently.

So if women can truly be paid $.77 for every $1 a man makes, why are these big greedy business not firing all the men and increasing their profit margin by 23%, 40% or even 45%?  Answer, because it’s a lie.  Her opening statement is the only argument needed to dismiss the rest of it.  But lets continue shall we?

I am also, not sure about why you wouldn’t have to pay a woman overtime?  I don’t recall any law stating that you didn’t have to because they have vaginas and breasts.  They won’t ask for a raise, and this is a man’s fault how?  I know some will say that a woman won’t ask for fear of losing her job, where did that fear come from?  Probably because feminists have been shoving that crap down their throats their entire lives that men will hold them down and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Moving on.

Birth control is not covered, unless the insurance that an employer provides covers it (hint: many do), but why wouldn’t it be covered?  Maybe because birth control is not a medical necessity?  If it is a medical necessity, it would be covered by almost all major insurance plans.  Every insurance plan I have ever had in my life has covered my wife’s OBGYN, and any prescription that has come from them, to include birth control.  NEXT!

Maternity leave is a thing, women are not fired, left and right, for having babies.  That said, there is one thing that does happen when they give birth, is that they become less productive.  Not sexist, just a fact of life.  Most companies offer six weeks of maternity leave, typically covered under FMLA, it may be paid or unpaid depending on if the employee has any sick leave or vacation saved up.  THAT’S NOT FAIR!  Yes, it is.  To have a child is a personal choice made off of work time, unless the woman is knocked up by her boss in the office, it was a choice made at home.  If my appendix ruptures on my off day, it is not my employers responsibility to pay me during my convalescence, it is my responsibility to ensure that I have not wasted any sick time I may have accrued, or I run the risk of going unpaid for a substantial amount of time.

As for “boner pills” being covered……yes.  Erectile dysfunction is actually a recognized medical problem.  Not wanting to have a child, is not, it is a choice.  I can however see the comparisons here.  If a man can get a boner and thus engage in sexual intercourse, he will generally be happier.  Testosterone will be released in the body and he will be more energetic, making him more productive at work.  Birth control, typically releases massive amounts of estrogen and comes with weight gain and fatigue.  Okay, so maybe one is less conducive to productivity at work.  But hey, free tampons right, because hygiene and sometimes, the two tampons in your purse just might not be enough.  More false claims ahead.

Yes, less qualified people may be promoted ahead of women, why?  I don’t know.  If it is a clear-cut case of sexism, then every woman who is a victim of this has an obligation.  This obligation isn’t just to themselves, but to every other woman in the workplace.  The ACLU is just waiting to provide you with a lawyer so they can get paid and continue exploiting you.  If it is not a clear cut case of sexism, then be inclined to ask why you were passed over.  Maybe they brought something to the table that you didn’t, even though work qualifications put you ahead of them.  Those are called intangibles.  I am sure Brock Osweiler thought he was more qualified than Peyton Manning last year, but Manning still started through the playoffs and won a Super Bowl.  Brock may have been right, but Manning brought the intangible stuff that Brock hasn’t developed yet.

Which leads to making life choices, following dreams and fantasy football.  In reverse order, I love fantasy football.  It’s fun and gives me a reason to watch all the games on a Sunday.  Life choices and following dreams huh?  Oh that’s right, she is only talking about 9-5 office jobs, because I am sure that the garbage man is chasing his dream.  Those guys up in the Bering Straits are just living the dream and fishing all day long, never mind that it happens to be one of the deadliest professions in America.  I don’t exactly see a line of women at recruiting centers to join the infantry or any other combat arms, because why increase the risk of injury or death when they can get paid the same across the board and do an easy job.

The big takeaway is this.  Women are not paid less than men.  The vast majority of jobs in this country are hourly jobs and women make the same hourly rate as their male counterparts when taking these jobs, it helps companies to control costs and what not.  Salaried jobs are a bit different, but still similar in nature.  This myth that there is a gender wage gap comes from a study that takes the median income of men and then pits it against the median income of women.  Of course there is going to look like a disparity, there are more men in the work place.  Also more men work in industries where the risk of death is higher (mining, construction, fishing) and those industries pay pretty well for the risk that is taken.  But for the sake of all this arguing we can discount those jobs, because women don’t want those jobs, they want cushy 9 to 5 office jobs.  If you don’t give it to them and make sure that the median income of all women matches that of all men then you are a chauvinistic sexist pig who perpetuates rape culture and something or other.




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