Kill Kolin Kaepernick! . .  ‘Murica BITCH!! #Colinkaepernick

Do you think Kolin Kaepernick should be fired from the NFL?

Do you think Kolin Kaepernick should be deported?

Guess what? You’re a fuckin’ pussy!

You don’t go far enough!

For America, For Freedom, For the Flag!

Kolin Kaepernick and anyone who supports his stance, or… sitance? Who gives a fuck? ‘Murica BITCH!!.. What was I saying? Oh Yeah, he and his fellow commie-scumbags all should be rounded up and shot with extreme prejudice!

I am calling for his immediate and public execution immediately following the singing of the National anthem at the next 49ers game! Why? Because ‘Murica BITCH!!

This is the greatest Nation on GOD’s GREEN EARTH, and in order to protect the freedoms we all enjoy, we must take a hard-line stance against anyone who dares speak out against it… or sit out… against it.

I am also calling for the following points to immediately be written into legislation and signed into law, for the preservation of LIBERTY! For ‘Murica BITCH!!

  1. A new Cabinet Position shall be established entitled: The Arbitrary Arbiter of all Subjective Speech. (AAASS)
  2. All forms of Anti-American Speech (AAS) shall be banned under pain of death (Firing Squad with AR-15s! ‘Murica BITCH!!)
  3. The AAASS shall have full power and authority of adjudication and execution off all cases of Anti-American Speech.
  4. A new Bureau shall be established to enforce the judgment of the AAASS Entitled: The Bureau of Anti-American Speech (BAAS)
  5. It shall be unlawful for any symbol of American Greatness to be used in a manner which is deemed disrespectful, irreverent, or critical of said symbol, to include but not limited to: The American Flag, The Statue of Liberty or any such Likeness thereof, The Bald Eagle or any such likeness thereof, Apple pies or Apple Pie slices. (I’m lookin’ at YOU Jason Biggs! American Pie my ass! Today the pie fucks YOU! ‘Murica BITCH!!)
  6. It shall be unlawful for any civilian citizen to refuse to stand for, place hand/hat over heart during the singing/playing of the National Anthem.
  7. It shall be unlawful for any citizen to speak of or to any official of local, state or federal government in a manner which is deemed disrespectful, irreverent, or critical.
  8. Each citizen will have a camera installed in their bathroom mirror, each morning, every member of every household in this GOD-DAMN AMAZING MOTHAFUCKIN COUNTRY shall recite accurately, and with enthusiasm, the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
  9. All Citizens shall at all times display an American Flag on their person, regardless of their attire or uniform, and even while showering, swimming, or coitus.

This is how we will preserve the symbols of this SEXY-ASS COCK-TEASE of a country! We will make America Great again! Because if you don’t love everything about America! Yer gonna FUCKIN DIE! ‘Murica BITCH!!

(Yes.. this Is Satire. All of these Ideas have no place in a free society, and if you think an American Citizen should be deported, or fired, or killed for expressing their freedom of speech, be it not standing for a song, or standing on a flag, or speaking out against the policies and climate of our OH SO PERFECT government; then YOU are what’s wrong with this country!

I don’t like people who stand on the flag, or sit for the anthem either, but guess what? It’s their constitutionally protected right to do so, why? because…‘Murica BITCH!!


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