Don’t Put Yourself Out there

This is an open letter to gold star families everywhere. Actually I would like to include Veterans and service members, active duty or reserve, as well.  If you do not want to be criticized for anything, do not put yourself out there to be criticized.  Do not politicize your status, and there will be no criticism.  

During the DNC, Khazir Kahn got up on stage and spoke of the sacrifices his family has made, and how other muslim families have sacrificed ion the armed forces.  Humayan Khan, Khazir’s son, was killed by a vehicle borne IED.  My condolences to the Khan family for this, and a big thank you to Capt. Humayan Khan, for sacrificing your life for our country.  With that being said, it was unnecessary for Khazir Kahn, and his wife Ghazala, to go on stage at the DNC and politicize their son’s death.

Donald Trump has laid out some ridiculous and unfeasible plans during his candidacy.  The reason that the Khans spoke was because Trump had taken a hardline stance on essentially  banning muslim immigrants from entering the country.  Not basing islam as some would have everybody believe.  I disagree with him in this assertion, as it would go against everything our constitution was founded on.  There is no religious test to enter the country, more over it is not practical to try to ban a religion.  Religion is in the mind.  Sure, Islam lends itself to some physical characteristics, mainly the way women are forced to dress by their husbands or governments, but to try and ban a religion is ludicrous.

So, when Donald Trump mentioned that Ghazala Khan sat quietly by her husband’s side during his DNC speech, the leftist outrage machine revved its engines.  How dare he attack a gold star family?  Well, they put themselves out there.  There is even a commercial that we have all seen by now where a mother from Oregon speaks about how she felt when Trump attacked another gold star family.  Did I miss something here?  When did Trump attack the loss of their son?  When did he attack Captain Khan?  He didn’t, he made it clear that while Khazir was on stage giving his speech that he noticed Ghazala was wearing her hijab, a rarity in photos of her, and that she was silent almost as if she was instructed to be silent.

The larger message here is that publicly speaking for politics is a dirty business.  If you don’t want to get dirty, don’t put yourself out there.  In writing these articles and doing the podcast, Kaz and I are fully aware that we have put ourselves out there.  Criticism will come from different sides and at different times.  That is just the way it is.  The Khan’s are no different.  I don’t see anything wrong with what Trump said and neither should anybody else.  What people should have a problem with is the perpetual state of victimhood that leftists like to play.  The right has them as well, but to a far lesser extent.

On the stage at the DNC that night I did not see a gold star family, I saw a man deliver a message to a political candidate whom he opposes, I saw his wife stand quietly by his side, and I saw the outrage brewing before Trump even made a comment.  Now, Trump did make a more than ridiculous comment about sacrifices that he has made, and how he always wanted a purple heart.  Those statements are mind-blowing, and if people wanted to go after him for that, I would have no issue with it, but they didn’t.  They touched on it, and then continued berating him for “attacking” a gold star family.  That should piss everybody off, that the DNC paraded every walk of life onto the stage, to include midgets and illegal immigrants, and then act like they expected to not be criticized for anything.  I say act, because they knew damn well that Trump would say something about someone and they already had the response ready.

Again, and I cannot reiterate this point enough, if you do not want to get dirty, don’t play in the mud.  Nobody is safe from criticism when they politicize something.  The outrage and shock are fake, planned or both.  Here is an idea, before screaming about how Donald Trump “attacked” a gold star family, try figuring out why Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrat Party decided to parade them up on stage to begin with.  It wasn’t by accident, it was calculated.  In fact, I would put my money on the outrage being factored into that calculation.  So, for the last time, if you do not want to be open for criticism, do not put yourself out there to be criticized.  You have been warned.

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