Cultural Appropriation! I Need a Safe Space


Imitation was once considered the sincerest form of flattery.  Until some SJWs decided that it was inappropriate and that people’s cultures should be relegated to those who grew up in said cultures.  Segregation much?


From the black lady at SFSU yelling at the white kid whose hair looked like snakes for appropriating black culture.  If you didn’t catch that I just referenced how the Roman historians described the Celts.  Or maybe it’s some other SJWs that just got a little too wasted at Coachella and put on a native american head-dress.  The cultural appropriation has gone too far.  I am calling for an end to it.

But how?  Easy, each culture should stay to themselves, at no point should cultures ever mix.  Nope, so I don’t want to see any more chicks wearing those stupid mustaches unless they work for P.T. Barnum.  I don’t want to see women trying to do jobs that were traditionally part of male culture.  I certainly don’t want to hear any third wave feminists pissing and moaning about the patriarchy because that’s my culture right there.  What’s that?  It’s not fun anymore?  Oh Okay.

So then cultural appropriation is okay, so long as the SJWs feel that whatever culture they don’t like needs to be changed.  So lets look at the patriarchy.  Feminists, especially third wavers, hate the patriarchy.  So they want that culture to change, and to do so they will appropriate it.  So they stopped shaving their legs and pits, and signed up for the Selective Service.  Oh, they didn’t do that last one, well I guess they just don’t want it all.  Kind of like the how the right to vote used to come with all kinds of other goodies like bucket duty.  Funny how bucket duty don’t exist anymore and the Fire Department is a full time thing, yes we still have volunteers and every first responder is amazing.  Kind of like Selective Service, women want into the combat arms, so I guess we can just do away with SS now because equality has its limits.

I guess I just don’t see what the fuss is all about.  I don’t see why a sombrero party at a frat house would cause somebody to be enraged, but the Taco truck that got it’s start as an Ice cream truck is okay.  And it is okay, more than okay….I love tacos.  Anyways, it’s not like these people are kicking down Lieawatha’s, I mean Fauxcahontas, I mean Elizabeth Warren door.  I don’t see them being pissed off at Rachel Dolezal or Sean King forcompeting to be black.  Nope, only mad at people who are unapologetic about who they actually are and either really do enjoy what another culture brings to the table, or just want to have a little fun with any culture.

Either way, I don’t see the big deal.  Do I think the mustache thing is stupid?  Yes, but I am not going to go find the descendants of James O’Sullivan and tell them that they should be pissed off that a bunch of idiotic kids are appropriating his pugilist flavor saver.  Should I track down Darius Rucker and tell I’m that country music isn’t for black guys and that black culture dictates that he should enjoy rap music where he can boast about degrading women, doing drugs and committing other felonies?  No, that is absurd and I am not a fragile little snowflake.

Some people fought to be a part of this great culture.  Remember when football and baseball and other sports were white culture.  Oh, but it was white people so it was okay to appropriate that culture, right?  SJWS!?  Hell yes it was appropriate, but not because it was white people.  It was appropriate because it brought us, as a country, that much closer to realizing the full potential of America.  To being that melting pot where we took the best of every culture and added it, we didn’t keep it off to the side and say this is for black people, this is for Hispanics, this is for white people.  For a long time in this country, the Democratic Party, yes the same party that supports the hero’s of these SJWs, pushed for segregation.  I guess some things never change, same master, different plantation right?

Jackie Robinson got his ass kicked to appropriate what was thought to be white culture.  He didn’t buy into that b.s. and neither do I.  I believe in American culture, I believe in a melting pot.  I believe in being able to laugh at myself and others, I can look at my Italian heritage and have a good laugh at it and why?  Because first and foremost I am an American.  I am the sum of all the cultures that built this country, and that sum cannot be taken away from me.  So If I want to go out on Cinco de Mayo with a sombrero, poncho and a bottle of Corona, who cares?  If I want my hair in dread locks, so what?  If I throw a Bastille Day party and everybody shows up wearing a beret and thin shitstache across their upper lip, nobody should be offended.  If anybody is offended, don’t take part.   Go find a safe space and we will drink down your tears and the tears of social justice warriors everywhere, while listening to Metallachi (that’s a real band!) and break dancing the night away.  It is time to make America the melting pot it was designed to be again.  Lighten up America, or you’ll never get out of life alive!

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