You Are Not Losing Anything

Time Cover

You, Time, and the people you are implying that you represent never possessed the internet.  It was not some physical object that you could claim moral authority over and dictate to the world how they could speak.  In fact, it is for that reason that you are seeing the trolls come out in full force on the internet.

It is because people are tired of being told what is acceptable and what is not.  Because of publications like yours and the rest of the dominate liberal establishment mass media          (DLEMM), the trolls are now pushing back.  Exposing the weakness that you have created.  What a fragile society the whole lot of you have constructed.  Telling us what is and what is not politically correct and ensuring that the majority of society followed suit.  Some might call this cultural Marxism, and they wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

For years you have silenced opposition by immediately going to your battle stations as soon as the dissent comes in.  Bigot, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, etc.  This was the immediate response, there was no listening, no discussion, one might say you were the original trolls.  What the internet has become is just the natural evolution of it.  The only differences is where you took a fascist approach and tried to silence the dissent, the new troll thrives on it.  The new troll can’t get enough of it.

Yes I referred the liberal media as fascists.  Why?  Good question, I should have taken it further and stated that many far left liberals and the liberal media are fascist always trying to silence opposition, never wanting to have a discussion or listen (see Bernie supporters at Trump rallies).  Anyways, this silencing of opposition and refusal to actually have any meaningful discussion has bred an entire generation of fragile little snowflakes that need a safe space to keep their feelings from getting hurt.  Unfortunately you all forgot to tell them that the internet is open to any and all who choose to use it, and silencing people on the internet is much harder than on college campuses or television and radio.

Nope the internet may be the last bastion of hope for free speech, even if you disagree with that speech.  The internet is not your safe space.  Sure, somebody who owns a website could ban somebody from their site, such as Twitter did with Milo Yiannopolous, and all he did was write a bad review of a bad movie.  His followers came pouring through with insults and stupidity towards Leslie Jones, who is not funny in my opinion.  But Twitter is not the end all be all of the internet.  I have this site right here, I can essentially say what I want about whatever subject I want, I also welcome anybody and everybody to challenge me on my opinions.  Why do I welcome this, because my feelings won’t be hurt if you disagree with me, we can have a discussion about it.

Ahh, but there in lies the problem with why Time, thinks that they and others like them are losing the internet to the culture of hate.  Because they don’t ever want to be challenged.  In Marxism there is no questioning of the leader, there is no questioning of the plan.  All dissent must be squashed immediately, and now they can’t do that and they realize it.  This isn’t to say that they are not trying, I mean look at China, their government actually controls the inflow of information on the internet from sources outside of China.  But here in America, we have something very uniquely American called free speech.

Yes free speech extends to things you don’t like to hear.  Yes, it extends to racists and bigots and homophobes and xenophobes.  There is nothing anybody can do about it, or maybe there is.  Maybe, just maybe we could all try growing a little thicker skin.  Maybe we could all actually try listening to opposing views and have actual discussions rather than immediately sounding the alarm for code words and prematurely putting a label on somebody.  Maybe, just maybe, publications like Time, wouldn’t feel like they are losing anything and realize that they helped create this monster and it is time to reap what they have sewn.

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