Quit Making Shit Worse!

In Houston today a group of, 20 or so, morons decided that the way to show white lives matter was to stage a protest outside of the NAACP headquarters.

White Lives Mater

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong message there bubba.  Yeah you, with the can of Copenhagen in your lip, sweet vest and rifle.  No, it is not an assault rifle, I have covered this many times either verbally or in print so please stop calling it an assault rifle because you think it’s scary.  With that out of the way, let’s talk about the massive amount of stupidity that ensued here.

First, congratulations you guys are now no better than the group you claim to be protesting against.  What was achieved here?  What message was sent.  Yes Black Lives matter is a racist group, very racist.  USA Today believes that BLM stemmed from 2012 (correct) to  bring to light police officers shooting black people (incorrect).  BLM started as “hands up don’t shoot” which was complete and utter bullshit.  But this, this here, was it really necessary to camp out in front of the NAACP?

Sure the NAACP has had some misdealings in the past and I firmly believe that they are a segregationist organization that promotes division rather than unity, but there are other ways to combat them.  One of their Billy Joe Jim Bobs, said that BLM is responsible for the killings of police officers and that the NAACP backs them.  He is not far off, but the message that him and the other ruthless toothless people sent out was one of racism and division as well.

I will whole heartedly defend their right to fly the confederate battle flag.  I will also defend their right to speak and protest just as I will defend BLMs right to speak and protest.  But there is some etiquette that should be followed.  With regards to carrying your rifles and wearing vests.  Go ahead, but that is a give away of your thought process.  They felt the need to bring their guns and wear their body armor because they thought that what they were doing was going to incite a reaction from someone who might take a shot at them.  That is what the “White Lives Matter” protest was designed to do, given the location and slogan.

The confederate battle flag, oh where to start.  First it, in and of itself is not a symbol of racism.  It can be used as such, and in this instance I certainly believe that it was.  Remember all that fuss a few years ago about how some states flew it at the capital to honor their heritage but some people just can’t get past the racism.  WLM is the reason that some people just can’t get past the racism.  Not the sole reason, but a prime example of it.  If that is their families heritage, that is fine, honor that.  I will never ask anybody to deny their families heritage.  If they are just some big civil war buffs, that is cool too.  But seriously bringing it in front of the NAACP, along with the armor and rifles is a dead give away as to what they were trying to accomplish.  It was an intimidation factor at that point, essentially saying that they were ready for war.

With regards to the slogan “White Lives Matter”, I say this…ALL LIVES MATTER!  Stop being such damned segregationists, especially if you are out to prove that the other party is racist.  It does you no favors and, just like BLM, will eventually incite violence.  So knock it off.  Also, only about 20 people showed up, if you are going to try and bullshit people with some segregationist bullshit, at least try and get more than 20 other mindless assholes with you.  Kudos to BLM for getting people involved, now if you would only turn your focus on the real plight destroying black lives…black on black crime.  The same can be said for you WLM nimrods, more white people are killed by other white people than any other race, so focus your attention on that.

Finally the guns.  Why?  Open carry is awesome, in fact I encourage it. I would rather somebody know that I have a pistol on my hip and it deters them from ever committing a crime than to conceal it and have the crime happen and me have to stop it.  There is etiquette to open carry though, and the first rule is “DON’T MAKE SHIT WORSE!”  Seriously, same thing with the idiots who stood guard outside of recruiting stations after Chattanooga.  If you are such a badass, don’t stand in front of he recruiters, go inside and sign up.  As for WLM, this is not the way to break the stigma.  Notice I already had to shoot down the assault rifle thing.  Yes the man pictured above has an AR (Armalite Rifle).  It is the style, it is not fully automatic, it doesn’t have burst fire.  There is no magic button that causes it to do either of those things, but just like the flag and the armor it is an intimidation technique.

Where do we go from here?  I am sure that some backwoods asshole will come out and try to do something stupid.  I am also sure that bridging the racial divide would be a lot easier if all these assholes would quit during the bridge down.  Both BLM and WLM are not helping anything.  In fact they are making things worse (see rule #1 for open carry).  Actually that should be rule #1 for life “DON’T MAKE SHIT WORSE”!  Anytime life gets hard, why make it worse?  Anytime society seems like it is being pulled apart and divided, why make it worse?  How do we solve the problem?  It is easy, ignore it.  Not the racial divide, the problem of jackasses like WLM and BLM.  Ignore the media coverage, if that happens they will stop covering it, if they stop covering it we can actually have a conversation about healing the racial divide.  Until then, say it with me “All Lives Matter”.




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