Remember When?

Remember when Kanye said “George Bush doesn’t like black people” and the camera cut to Mike Meyers awkwardly trying to figure out what to do next?  That was fun, wasn’t it?  It was also ten years ago during Hurricane Katrina.  All the celebrities and stars lined up to persuade you to give money to the relief fund.  Some even wanted to take cheap shots at then President Bush for not doing enough.  The photo below is not from then, it is from now, as in right now, as in August 2016.


Fast forward ten years and here we are.  Lake Pontchartrain has flooded again, and this time it was not caused by some Al Gore end of the world hurricane.  Nope, no wind, no dogs and cats flying by, just rain and a whole lot of it.  The state of Louisiana has done a very good job, by any reasonable persons calculations, at responding to this disaster.  20,000 rescues by the national guard and local law enforcement and the loss of life has been minimized to just 13 so far.  The loss of property on the other hand, not so much.  The point is, where are the celebrities?  Where is the relief fund?  More over, where the hell is the President?

People on both ends of the political spectrum are asking this question, and for different reasons.  The left wants him there, to leave Martha’s Vineyard or whatever golf course he may be on, and to go on down and do I don’t know what, read from a teleprompter or something.  The right is using this to attack him in the same fashion that Bush was attacked in 2006 with Katrina.  Both of them are wrong.  I do not want the President to leave his vacation to hop on a plane and fly down to Louisiana for some feel good moment, especially when the state seems to be handling the situation just fine.  What I will criticize the President on is this, he has been silent.

Why is this important, well lets review President Obama’s history of staying silent shall we:

  • Black Cambridge Professor arrested for not providing ID to a police officer after a neighbor called the police to report a man trying to break into a house
  • Treyvon Martin, not excusing ‘ actions, but the kid wasn’t exactly a choir boy
  • Michael Brown in Ferguson, his hands weren’t up and he tried to take the officer’s gun and then charged at the officer
  • The community college shooting in Oregon-the guns did it
  • The Aurora Theater shooting-the guns did it
  • Super Storm Sandy
  • The Dallas PD shootings (wait, he actually did stay silent here)

Starting to catch the drift?  President Obama only speaks up when there is something to politicize and when he has almost no facts about what is happening.  So maybe he has learned to wait for the facts, I don’t think so, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here.  So what facts does he need to know about Louisiana?  40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, 13 lives have been lost and it wasn’t guns or police.  It was rain.  So President Obama continues his vacation, can’t be bothered for a minute to at least step in front of a podium and offer his condolences and to let the people of Louisiana know that the federal government can help if it is needed…it isn’t.

Nope, silence.  And rightfully so, it is damn hard to make a 6 foot birdie putt when you are being bothered with a natural disaster.  So Obama is finally leading by example, he is keeping his staffers and aides quiet by being quiet himself.  Nice putt sir, nice putt (golf clap).  I, on the other hand, think his silence speaks volumes.  What agenda could he push by making a quick statement?  What new law could be brought before congress if only he would address this horrible catastrophe?  None?  Well then his silence is well deserved.  Because unless he could try to push “common sense gun control” or driving the wedge of racial divide deeper and deeper, he has never really seen a need to comment on any tragedy.  San Bernardino he blamed guns, Orlando-guns, Chattanooga (silence), Ft Hood-work place violence (this one was kind of an outlier, too high-profile to stay silent, but can’t acknowledge that it was radical Islam).  Starting to see the picture here?

Just once, Mr President, I would like you to keep your promise.  Your promise of hope and change.  Give the people affected by these floods some hope and change your reasons for getting behind a podium. Or do you not care about poor black people unless they were killed by the police or some vigilante?  Where are the celebrities and telethon now?  Where is Kanye acting like he gives a shit?  Silence, because unless there is something to politicize or an agenda to push the left will always stay silent.  It’s not important now, there was no Gore End of Days hurricane to point to, there was no flag offending anybody, there was no crazed white supremacist with a fully automatic AR-37 with .40 caliber clipazines on a  shooting spree, nope just rain.  Well. Mr. President when it rains it pours, and right now your silence is pouring down all over the country, your true colors are showing.  7 years into your presidency and the only promise you have delivered on is transparency, because we can all see right through you.

I commend the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana National Guard and all the first responders who have risked their lives to save the lives of others.  Even a thank you, at this point, from President Obama woudl be appreciated and could go a long way, but that’s okay I am sure you are still looking for your balls in the rough some where, no doubt you have lost them.

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