Diversity and Injustice for All

You may or may not have heard about Secretary of State John Kerry giving the commencement address at  Northeastern.  Normally I give commencement speeches little to no attention, but this one caught my eye for one phrase and phrase alone


“Now, graduating class, I got to tell you, you really do look spectacular. I want you to – I mean, just look around you. Classmates of every race, religion, gender, shape, size – 85 countries represented and dozens of languages spoken. You are the most diverse class in Northeastern’s history”

How does he know how diverse the class is, unless he meant to say “look at all the brown people in the crowd” .  The only diversity that actually means anything to the left is the diversity which you can see.  Intellectual diversity is irrelevant.  How does ones skin color, gender, shape or size contribute to the exchange of ideas in college?  I will grant religion here because religion is an idea that can be exchanged and debated.  But color, shape and genitalia?  It can’t be that hard for people to see through this.  I will try to use attribute in a hypothetical exchange of ideas.

“Hey bro, your black, what do you think of this (insert topic here)”

“What does me being black have to do with (topic)”

“Well having a black guys opinion on (topic) makes it diverse”

“I don’t think that helps, but lets ask her about (topic)”

“Hey you have a uterus what do you think of (topic)”

“Typical chauvinist just trying to use my mind to get to my uterus”

“No, but we need a female perspective on (topic), it helps us to be more diverse”

“Really, my skin color can’t contribute intellectually, but we thought your uterus might be able to”

“My uterus is my business and I don’t need a man telling me what it can and can’t contribute with my uterus”

“We are just trying to be diverse, geese lighten up”

“Oh so now we are bringing my weight into this?”

“Well since you mentioned it, can it contribute to being diverse?”

Okay, by now you all get the idea.  This sounds ridiculous right?  The fact is that none of those things can actually contribute to intellectual diversity.  Everything that John Kerry spoke about was superficial.  With the exception of religion, which actually has shaped the mind in some way, shape or form, none of those things actually contributed to what the others can bring to the conversation.

With regards to race, how does your race contribute to the conversation?  With every experience in your life did you measure it on your black, asian, latin scale before depositing it in the memory bank?  Or could it be that you were taught at an early age that you will be treated differently because of your skin color and you never challenged that supposition, nor did any of your teachers and so you automatically see things through the lens of race?  I would truly like to know the answer to these questions.

How about gender?  First we have to figure out what gender we are.  For the purpose of this I am going to stick with the two traditional genders, so the furries and weather dependent genders may just have to wait for a future article.  Are there differences between being a man and woman?  Yes, science has proven this.  Do women experience things differently than men? Yes, we are hardwired to react in different ways.  But still I ask, how does that contribute to the intellectual diversity?  How does being born with a vagina add to the conversation?

Shape and size?  Really John, just come out and say you have never seen so many fat people in a graduating class.  Being fat is often a choice and can be avoided.  Still how does being fat contribute to intellectual diversity?  Is there an affirmative action program for overweight kids?  Is there a certain amount of college admissions for the morbidly obese?  No, well don’t tell the liberal, because there soon might be.  Damn good idea fairy!

I know some people may be saying that these things play a part in how the individual experiences the world.  Wrong!  My being white and my friend being white does not ensure we will experience the same event in the same way.  Same with having a penis and testicles, or being fat or thin.  No two people will ever experience something the same way.  Don’t believe me find the social justice warriors on twitter jumping all over Ellen for her tweet about Usain Bolt.  Then dig a little more and see that he retweeted it, because it was funny.

Some people can only look at the surface.  These happen to be the same people who scream about loving them for who they are.  Demanding respect because they are unique and special snowflakes and they have feelings.  These are the same people who make laws that get people into college based on skin color rather than achievements.  These are the same people who claim to be native american to get a $500k/yr job at a college and then can’t prove that they are native american and rally against the 1%.  Here’s looking at you Elizabeth Warren.

The truth of all of this is that if you believe that any of hose things mentioned above can contribute to intellectual diversity, then you are being led astray.  Led astray to stay under the thumb of the ruling class in this country.  Becoming more and more dependent on the system that holds you in place, you applaud their cries for diversity and then you go out and protest against superficial judgments.  Walter Sobchak might ask”Am I the only one who sees this bullshit for what it is?!”



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