How to Trigger a Leftist and the Aftermath


Yeah, that sums it up, disagree with them.  I don’t have to continue, but it is more fun to actually describe what happens after you disagree with them, or put something up that they don’t like.  I have been engaged in many conversations where a simple disagreement or calling out of hypocrisy results in being called racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and the list goes on and on.  I am not alone in this, any person who has ever engaged in a disagreement with a liberal has had this happen.

This is not to say that every liberal acts like this, mainly it is resigned to the millennials and younger adults who have never had to defend their position and how dare you challenge them.  Almost every TV channel they turn on agrees with their point of view, every classroom they have ever walked into reinforced how they believe the world to be.  Conservatives and libertarians, on the other hand, have constantly had to defend their view points either openly with others, or in private when they watch tv.  The only bastion they have is talk radio which is dominated by conservative and libertarian voices.  That domination is also why liberals call for the fairness doctrine, I will not describe it to anyone, just do a little bit of research.

So, people like me are challenged daily, but what happens when the tables are turned. Is there a reasonable debate or even just a discussion?  No, it turns ugly and quickly.  Depending on the topic a general label will be thrown at you.  This label makes you socially unacceptable and is an appeal to the masses.  More often than not, proof is not even needed for the label to stick, it just has to be named.  Conservatives and libertarians will try in vain to shed themselves of this, but the social power is pretty big.  So what do we do?

Wear that shit with pride, that is what we do.  When called a racist, it is futile and childish to point at all your friends that aren’t white, or brown and say “see I have (insert skin tone here) friends”.  Don’t even try, infant that will get used against you, look at Trump.  Is he a racist?  No, but they are looking at books about him and by him to prove that he is.  They even talk about how he only has one black guy in a high level position working for him, but if he had five it still wouldn’t matter because that argument doesn’t work, remember?  So how do you defeat it?  You don’t, in fact you embrace it.

That doesn’t mean go dropping n-bombs, and racial slurs all over the place, but it means that when they call you a racist or homophobe, or xenophobe or whatever, you look them dead in the eye and say “okay, let’s go with that”.  And leave it at that.  No theatrics, no whooping it up.  I have found that when you do this, it triggers another level of anger and rage in the liberal lunatic.  This is when they start yelling and screaming and making a fool out of themselves.  Because they know that you are disagreeing with them, but you are doing so sarcastically and most of them don’t have a safe space readily available.  That whole sarcasm thing does not go over well with them because it was created by the patriarchy to be demeaning.  It works.

That’s right, all you conservatives and libertarians that find yourselves being labeled with some stupid moniker.  All because you made the mistake of engaging in a discussion with the SJW leftist moron, who would sooner quote Salon or Slate rather than do any actual research.  Wear that badge with pride.  Use it to your advantage, ask them questions about it.  Like what irrational fear of homosexuality that you have to be labeled a homophobe, what irrational fear of Islam do you have that makes you a xenophobe.  Continually challenge them and watch the meltdown ensue.  It will be revealed to all, that they are the echo of their thought masters, and the sheeple will eventually run to their safe spaces and use their tears for lube as they try to stroke each others egos back to health.  Maybe if they had been challenged in their lives instead of given a trophy and orange slice at every turn, it wouldn’t have to be this way, but it is what it is at this point.


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