Oh good, two birds with one stone!


So, I stumbled across C-Span this morning.  They were covering a rally in Washington DC. It was the 2016 LGBTQ March to Disarm Hate.  What do they want?  Equal rights and gun reform!  When do they want it?  When they decide which one they want first and which one can make them the most money!

I have a really big point behind all of this and will get to that towards the end, but lets start with the equal rights.  So what equal rights would the LGBT community like now?  Maybe I am missing something, but marriage is recognized, they can openly serve in the armed forces and private businesses can no longer discriminate based on religious belief.  All though, I wonder what the left would do if it were a muslim bakery that refused service.  So far I have not been able to narrow down what rights they no longer have that people who are straight enjoy.  If somebody could help me out with that, I would really appreciate that.  Unless they now want the government to force churches, synagogs and mosques to perform the ceremonies, then they are currently on equal ground and have nothing left to march for.

Ah, there it is… www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/13/gay-marriage-faith-_n_3747784.html.  But, what about the separation of church and state?  That is a rallying cry of the left, even though they don’t really know what it means or where it can be found in the constitution (hint:  it can’t).  You know what you can find in the constitution?  Freedom of religion.  The freedom of religion is pretty clear, it essentially gives churches free reign to do as they please within the confines of their walls, so long as what they are doing does not threaten the loss of life, cause serious injury or does not entail rape.  Outside of that, the government should stay the hell out of the church.  I am going to move on from this and on to their gun control points, but I will bring it all back together and wrap it up in a nice bow a little later.

So why are they marching for gun control?  According to their founder, Jason Hayes, “so that the Orlando49 did not die in vain, the LGBTQ community–and our allies–will rally in Washington to demand equal rights and realistic gun law reform”.  I love all this demanding shit.  Especially the gun reform, because until a muslim entered a club and killed 49 and wounded many others who happened to be gay, guns weren’t a problem.  And what realistic gun laws would they like?  Lets take a look.  All these can be found at http://www.disarmhate2016.info.

#1. “Keep the worst guns out of the hands of the most dangerous people with an assault weapons ban. Keep weapons of war off American streets.”

Fun words here…scary words.  Assault weapons and weapons of war, oh my!  But don’t many gun control advocates argue that the founders meant muskets, which at the time was a weapon of war.  There goes that argument.  What sheeple need to realize is that these words are meaningless.  Assault weapons only deals with cosmetics, it does not deal with the functionality.  For instance, I have a shotgun, it used to have a butt stock, I removed the stock and put a pistol grip on instead.  According to them, that gun is now illegal, why?  The functionality didn’t change, it still operates the same way, it still holds 7 in the tube and 1 in the chamber, so why is it an assault weapon?  Because gun control advocates usually have no clue what they are talking about.  “Weapons of war”, and they like to accuse us of fear mongering, what does anybody think that such a catch phrase is supposed to do?  It is meant to conjure up images of Rambo going ape shit with an M-60 on a playground, or in a church or in a club.  It is bullshit and another way to keep the sheeple afraid.

#2 “We must address the racial and religious bias supported in the No Fly / No Buy List. Islam or being of the Muslim Faith is not a reason to be place on such a list. We must as a Nation demand that a Terrorist Watch List be just that. We must also demand that those placed on such a list have an appeal process to address being placed on such a list falsely.”

Okay, I actually agree with the last half of this, but if you listen to our first podcast I go into great detail of how I get behind that appeals process (hint: I most likely never will).  So, let’s just talk about the first part of this then.  They are defending Islam.  Even though, it is the one religion that will kill them for being gay (check the motives for the Orlando shooter).  In every islamic country in the world, member son the LGBT community are being killed just for being L G B or T.  No other reason, in Egypt and Qatar they are thrown from rooftops, in Saudi Arabia they are burned right along side women who, though probably raped but couldn’t produce four male witnesses, are adulterers.  Is this group fucking high?

Second to this, find me another religion that currently is killing people in record numbers. Find me another religion where terrorism and killing non believers is one of their tenets.  Find me another religion committing terrorism on a daily basis around the world.  The fact is that it can’t be done.  I know, Christians have a history of not wanting gay marriage recognized, but they don’t want you dead.  Islam, in spite of all the closeted homosexuality within it, does want you dead.  So why the LGBT community would try o defend such a cult is beyond me.  Also, considering that by now nobody could think of a religion besides Islam that commits terrorism on a mass scale and daily basis, it is more than understandable that member so that religion make up the majority of the terror watch list.  Sorry, I get a little carried away when talking about the cult that is Islam, moving on.

#3 “We must restore all CDC Funding for Gun Violence Research.”

No.  Since when did this become a disease?  And actually funding was restored in 2013, and their findings were all inconclusive.  Because gun violence, is no different from knife violence.  Why do people use a gun instead of a bat?  Because it is the tool they had at the time.  If somebody wants to do bad shit, and they don’t have a gun, they will still probably do bad shit with whatever they have.  If they are planning on doing bad shit at a later time and don’t have a gun, even with all the gun laws in the world, if they wanted a gun they will get a gun.  No background check, or weapons ban will stop them from going to a back alley and buying a gun off of MS-13, a blood, a crip, a biker or whoever they find to sell them the gun illegally.  It is not a disease, and the CDC has no business researching anything about it, why don’t they try to cure athletes foot first, lets start small.

#4 “All Persons applying for a gun permit MUST undergo and pass a background check on the National Level, clearing in all 50 States.”  Wouldn’t this require a permit to carry a gun in the first place?  Last time I checked the 2nd amendment said I had the right to keep and bear arms.  I must have missed the part where it said I had to petition the government for a permit to exercise my right.  In fact, having to do that would negate it being a right and would then make it a privilege.  Why don’t they apply for a permit and pass a background check on the national level before opening their mouths, or starting a web page.  I know, instead of trials, lets just put all suspected criminals into an Iron Maiden until they can petition the government to exercise their right to a trial by jury.  This is just stupid.

#5 “We do not wish to interfere with anyone’s perceived or actual right to own a gun. That’s why we call it “realistic” gun reform.”

Of course, they throw this out there, but they are lying.  See their list of demands I just wrote about.  Also, as I was watching them this morning, a speech was given by an illegal immigrant who feels that the police should be disarmed, the population should be disarmed, the military should be disarmed and the crowd cheered.  She can’t call the police because her and her family might be deported, gee I don’t know maybe it is because you came here illegally, which makes you a criminal.  So yeah, I wouldn’t call the police either if I were you.  Then she talks about POC or people of color, because that’s the new PC term, being disproportionately affected by gun violence.  Did she mention the fact that they disproportionately commit gun violence as well?  No, because she wants pity and you are a racist if you don’t disarm to protect POC.  You are also a homophobe, and xenophobic if you don’t agree with them.

So, I promised to bring this all together here.  The point is that the special interest groups at some point out live their usefulness.  They have to keep the money flowing somehow, because once they achieve equal rights, shouldn’t they just go away?  But they won’t they will move on to a new cause, and if there is no cause, they will help to create one.  Which is why they are moving from equal rights, which provides no specificity at all on their site, to gun control.  That is the cool new thing now, and they also know that it won’t happen and can just be a gold mine if it is done right.  So, ladies and gentlemen and ladies who think they are gentlemen and gentlemen who think they are ladies, you are being had.  You are being had in the worst kind of way, your herders are leading you astray.  From defending the one religion that actually wants you dead, to completely lying about not wanting to remove you of your right to keep and bear arms.  I do like to think of myself as a sheepdog, but my job to protect the sheeple, also extends to informing you when your herders are leading you to the wolves, or actively trying to let the wolves in, or your herders are the wolves themselves.  When they present themselves for who they truly are, rest assured, the other sheepdogs and I will be ready.

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