BLMs Selective Outrage and Segregation


That’s a great question!  Unless you live in Chicago, the answer, according to the magic 8-ball and statistics, is not likely.  Even then, it is still pretty unlikely, inspite of the fact that the current death toll from murder this year, in Chicago, is 454 to date.

You see folks, all of the outrage over the Paul O’Neal shooting further proves my point about how black lives only matter if they are ended by the police.  O’Neal was killed on July 28, 2016 after stealing a car, leading the police on a chase, trying to hit an officer on foot, and then running the stolen car head on into a police SUV.  Are the details around his death a little fishy?  Yes, absolutely.  Malfunctioning body cam, shot in the back while he was unarmed, but the outrage is still bullshit and I will give you 4 reasons why.

Demarcus Roseman, Denzel Childs, Jonathan Lane and Kayana Armond.  Don’t recognize those names, it is because the good people at BLM didn’t think that their black lives mattered enough to be outraged when they were murdered on the same day as Paul O’Neal.  That’s right, a nice website keeps a running tally of murders by day in Chicago.

Go ahead and see for yourselves.  Take a good long look at all the names there, by month and day.  It even shows the race of the deceased.  You can look at more towns too, what you don’t see on the July 28, 2016 is Paul O’Neal’s name.  This could change depending on more facts coming out, but it is unlikely (see his list of crimes up top which includes attempted murder and attempted vehicular homicide).  Such selective outrage, and the sheeple of this country eat it up like the slop that it is.  Can’t wait to get fed another spoonful of bullshit while ignoring the world around them.  Well I can’t wait until they choke on that spoon.  Speaking of choking, check out the list of demands that BLM came up with, this should be fun.

As if I needed more evidence of this racist and segregationist organization, allow them to prove it to you.  Take a peek at their demands that they have come up with, you can find them at the  I don’t see a whole lot of unity preaching, they scream the word equality, but their demands say otherwise.  Take for instance, the demand for a minimum living wage for black people.  Not minorities, or Americans as a whole, just black people.  Or how about more funding to historically black schools, or free tuition for black people.  They do not want equality, they want special treatment.  They also want their own separate government.  That doesn’t sound like equality to me, in fact I believe a black guy went to court over that whole separate but equal thing.  Oh yeah, they ruled in favor of Brown that to be separate is inherently unequal and that supposedly ended segregation.  Then there are the BLM clowns, that just can’t keep from stepping on their own dicks.

I know that I am not alone in being a little tired of their bullshit.  Maybe it is time we replaced the squeaky wheel instead of greasing it up.  No, for those of you who think everything is a call to violence,that was not a call to violence.  Instead, that was a call to the MLK’s of the world, who actually preached unity, who actually wanted equality.  It is time to replace the race baiting lies of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barrack Obama, and the entire BLM movement with something a little more truthful.  Something that can actually unite America, something that can actually look past the color of people’s skin and maybe MLK and Medgar Evers wouldn’t have died in vain.  Instead, we have people who claim to embrace the rich history of black people in America, when all they do is spit in its face, encourage division and try to set it back decades.

If they truly wanted to embrace the contributions that black people have made to America, they would unshackle themselves form the chains of W.E.B. Dubois and learn from Booker T. Washington.  Enough stomping of the feet, enough pounding of the fists.  I can’t be the only one who has wondered why all the great civil rights leaders were assassinated, and we have been left with Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan and all the other race baiting segregationists.  Shawn King, and others like him, are just the newest generation of misguided morons that will not allow the country to put their focus on anything other than skin color.  So go ahead and challenge me on this, I encourage any of you to do so, but before you do go ahead and look at those four names up at the top and tell me who they are first and why they were killed, and then tell me why there was not protest for them.  Until anyone can actually do that, I don’t want to hear about black lives and how they matter, all lives should matter, but the sad reality is that lives only matter if they can further a cause, otherwise, it is not fit for the sheeple to eat.






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