Is there a religion of peace?

I like vikings, why?  Because not only were they bad ass, they made no qualms about kicking the shit out of somebody for Odin.  It didn’t bother them and they didn’t try to hide it.  I also like the they are not around anymore doing that.


Fast forward to today and we have to hear some bullshit about Islam being the religion of peace.  Not going to defend the violent past of Christianity here, but I am going to draw some very clear distinctions.  So lets begin shall we.

What makes a religion peaceful?  Is it the message, the believers?  I would argue that it is a combination of both.  When comparing modern religions, people like to point at the Westboro Baptist Church as standard bearers for christendom, and those same people will claim that christianity is no different from Islam.  Well very big differences.  First, WBC is comprised of a whole 15 people that are using their very skewed beliefs to shout anti-gay slurs and protest veteran funerals.  That’s it, they are not violently taking over villages, beheading people, subjugating their women (well maybe a little bit), suicide bombing places and so on and so on.  Sure they praise the lord for dead gays and dead soldiers, so it seems that the only crime they are guilty of is bigotry.  Now lets flip this around and look at Islam.

Here is a religion where there is now a hashtag movement #NotAllMuslims.  Well of course not all muslims are violent, sexual predators who can’t wait to tell their women what to wear and throw homosexuals off the rooftops of buildings, don’t be silly.  But there are millions, yes you read that right MILLIONS, of them who do think that way.  And they are spreading, through propaganda, as refugees through sharia law.  I used millions as a plural, even 1 million is a far cry from the 30 WBC members that some people like to point at as a representation of a whole.  So which is the religion of peace, just using the WBC to represent the whole (trying to stay consistent, wouldn’t want to confuse leftists) picket and protest a funeral and be an asshole, or be one of the millions that can’t wait to fly a plane into a building, drive a truck into a crowd, throw gays off of rooftops.  Still haven’t made up your mind, okay lets get some historical context.

All religions have been persecuted, and have fought against persecution only to continue fighting and to be the persecutor.  The Jews did it, and eventually went on to persecute the Philistines, until the Romans showed up.  Rome had their own religion, while they looked to spread for more imperialistic values, their religion also spread with it.  They even persecuted the christians, who eventually rose to prominence and used violence to conquer Christendom.  They also persecuted the muslims, who fought their way out of persecution to spread their religion violently through the middle east and throughout North Africa.  Okay are we clear here?  This all happened between 3500 and 1700 years ago.  So what has changed?

The Jews are more persecuted than ever, especially those living in Israel, who live in constant fear of Hamas firing a rocket from a school.  They also have to deal with Iran wanting to get a nuke for the expressed intent of wiping Israel of the map.  Christians are lambasted left and right by the media, leftists and social justice warriors, for not wanting to perform gay marriage in their church, or provide birth control because it goes against their beliefs, yes I realize that they also traditionally vote against it at the state and federal levels.  Yet Islam is defended by these same people with a #NotAllMuslims.  Oh the hypocrisy.  It is not okay believe in something that only prevents moving into a tax group, but it’s cool to go into a club yelling Allah Akbar and pledge your allegiance to ISIS and murder 50 people because they are gay?  How dare the WBC protest these funerals, but it is perfectly okay to behead a woman for bringing dishonor upon her family?  Those evil christians don’t want to provide for birth control and abortions, but it’s cool it your religion tells you that sex slaves are okay, and pedophilia is okay?  This is present day mind you, some 1300 years after he death of Mohammed.

So while you may not agree with Christians, they can’t exactly be compared to Islam by todays standards.  It is not even close, Islam is not the religion of peace, sure the Q’oran starts out peaceful, but gets increasingly violent.  I have no problem with muslims, so long as they are muslim, like I am Catholic, (hint: I am not a good Catholic).  So no, not all muslims are bad, but many, far more than the 30 pitiful WBC members, and their crimes are far more egregious than not wanting someone to get married.  This is why I like Vikings.

They made no apologies, they did not ask for any apologies.  They did not want to be protected.  They were violent, and fought in the name of Odin, but they also realized that that type of behavior would only lead to the ultimate destruction of their culture, just as the Jews did, even the Christians learned this lesson (took them a while though), but Islam, just can’t get out from under that rut.  Nope, diplomacy is not in their repertoire just yet, neither is peace.

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