A little truth and a whole lot of bullshit


Catch all that?  Okay lets take it point by point as I completely destroy this piece of garbage floating around the inter webs.

“No one said #AllLivesMatter, before they heard #BlackLivesMatter”

True, but not for the reasons that this race baiting piece of shit suggests.  See down at the bottom of that, where it says “welcome to the 21st century”?  Yeah, that is why nobody said #AllLivesMatter, because we didn’t think we had to.  It was understood.  But no, the special snowflakes of the BLM movement want to push a narrative based on a lie.  They want to segregate themselves and become a protected class.  Don’t believe me, check out their demands here, https://policy.m4bl.org/platform/.

They do not want equality, they want special treatment.  They want special privileges, even greater than those they already perceive white people to have.  I don’t recall whit people having a basic minimum wage just for them, or asians, or hispanics.  Nope, but damn it, they want $15 /hr, now just for being black.  Of course, some of the media outlets are praising this as revolutionary and brave.  I however see the stupidity for what it is.  No I did not say all lives matter before people tarted saying black lives matter, this is true, but maybe it is because I can actually see past the skin color of me and everyone else.

“No one championed #StraightPride until there was #GayPride”

This may be the only statement here that I fully agree with, so let me lay it out for you.  Gay pride is not about being gay.  99% of the LGBT community will tell everybody that they did not choose to be that way.  They understand that they did not earn their guy status, but they have earned and over came a lot.  As far as discrimination is concerned, in our current times no other group is as widely discriminated against.  They just recently got the privilege of having their marriages recognized at a federal level.  I think there was some over stepping there, but another topic for another day.  Within the last decade, they are now able to openly serve in the military.  So yes, they have something to be proud of.  As for the #StraightPride people, please tell me what your straightness has earned you.

“No one cared about #WhiteHistoryMonth until we had #BlackHistoryMonth”

Why the hell did we have to have a black history month to begin with?  In every history class I have ever taken, and the is a lot of them, I don’t recall a time where any teacher said “lets spend a few moments not talking about whit people in America for a moment”.  Nope, not how it happened, we learned American history.  It was not separate, it was all inclusive.  When we discussed an event, we also discussed the people who helped to shape said event, skin color was irrelevant.  Why is that?  Maybe historians, true historians, not the Howard Zinn’s of the world, can look at an event and people and see them for their achievements and not skin color.  Maybe it is the actual historians who have realized MLKs dream of being judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.  Yes I feel the black history month is racist.  It is self segregation and spits in the face of all of the great americans who fought for true equality and not protection.

“No one mentions #Men’sRights or #Egalitarianism until there’s talk about #Feminism”

Maybe it is because feminism, true feminism, is dead.  What we have now is a bunch of whiny little bitches who are trying to emasculate everything about todays males.  See: hipsters.  It is also because men understood the oppression of women up until the early 1900s.  We understand that women were historically oppressed.  What can a man currently do, that a women cannot?  Some may bring up the pay gap, that is a myth.  If all you take is  the aggregate earnings of men and compare them with women, it doesn’t mean anything. Because most jobs these days are hourly, and for cost reasons it is a set hourly wage, not open for negotiation, so the pay is the same.  When you get into the salary discussion, Women want the same pay, but statistics show that they work less hours making them less productive than there male counterparts.  If they prove to be more productive while working less hours, then please pay them their worth.

What other rights are being trampled on?  Reproductive rights, ah yes, the rallying cry “get the old white men out of my doctors office”, I want them out of the office too, hey alright we agree on something!  “I want my reproductive healthcare to be free”, but I thought you wanted the old white men out of the doctors office?  Listen sweethearts, that is not how it works.  You want abortions until your uterus can no longer actually accept a pregnancy, go ahead, don’t ask me and everybody else to pay for it.  Because when you do that, you have invited those old white men back into your doctors office.  Also, that is not a right, that is a privilege.  It is a privilege because those kinds of things are exclusive to women, so you just want something that nobody else has, you greedy wenches.

The last statement I will address in closing here.  The good ol’ days don’t have to be gone.  And when they are referred to, people are typically referring to the simplicity of life, little technology, the media did their job, people knew their neighbors and looked out for one another.  There are those that can only focus on the bad, they are typically the same people that can only focus on skin color, sexual orientation, or what may or may not be swinging between their legs.  After all it is the 21st century, while racism and sexism and bigotry still exist, most of us have accepted that it always will in some shape or form.  So we live our lives, and we look past superficial things all while laughing at the perpetually offended and those constantly looking to get something for nothing.  Maybe it is just my white, cis, male privilege speaking here, but get over yourselves, the world is not as bad as you are making it out to be, change your own perspective before asking me to change mine.

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