Black Lives don’t matter….

Black-Lives-Matter….unless the person who ended that “black life” happened to be a police officer.  One thing you don’t see an awful lot of coverage on is the black on black crime.  No instead what the media likes to focus on is anything that will elicit a reaction.  That is their job, so I don’t begrudge them their.  They have abandoned their journalistic roots in favor of entertainment, and nothing is more entertaining to us americans than finding out about the latest celebrity death or police shooting of an unarmed person.  Let me be even more specific, it only gets reported, on a national level, if the unarmed person was black.

The latest example happened in Chicago on July 28.  Paul O’Neal, a black guy, stole a car, tried to hit a police officer that was on foot, crashed into a police SUV and ran.  He was shot in the back and was unarmed.  Do I condone the shooting of an unarmed person in the back? No.  I don’t, however, begrudge the police officers either.  Mr O’Neal had already demonstrated a lack of regard for human life, so whether he had a gun or not, to me is irrelevant.  Most articles I have read on this, tell you the tidbit about Mr O’Neal’s criminal escapade, but then got on to berate the officers.  I find it funny how these “journalists” can bravely sit behind a desk and describe the appropriate action that should have been taken, when they have never been faced with the situation themselves.  So lets look at what we know about this case for a moment.

-Paul O’Neal stole a car and was being chased by police

-O’Neal tried to hit an officer who had gotten out of his car in order to draw his pistol (hint:  this is attempted murder), the officer fired shots at the car

-O’Neal then ran head on into a police SUV and got out of his car and began to run

-O’Neal was shot in the back and was later determined to be unarmed

-Police can be heard on their body cams agonizing over the fallout that will come after this

The simple fact that those thoughts cross their minds, should lead any reasonable person to believe that the intent was not to kill the man.  Even though O’Neal was unarmed, I have no sympathy for him at all.  He stole a car, attempted murder (vehicular homicide) and then was shot.  Maybe the police had reason to believe that O’Neal was not just a wayward kid.  No, maybe they had a reason to believe that his criminal antics had escalated from petty crime to this, and would further escalate if he was not apprehended.  Except O’Neal did not want to be apprehended.  Had he actually been cornered, who knows what he would have done, why do we always ask the police, like we did our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, to wait until fired upon before returning fire?  Why do we ask them to make their risk of injury or death higher than it already is?  Why do we make excuses for the criminals?

Another shining example is the case of Koryn Gaines.  A 23 year old black mother, was being served with a warrant in Baltimore.  Most headlines have read something along the lines of “Police shoot Mother and Child”.  Sounds horrible right?  Of course it does, that is why you probably clicked on it, because it is click bait.  Media win!  But I digress.  What I find fascinating about this case is how buried the crucial facts are in the the stories that are written, so lets cover this one in detail:

-Police were given a key to her apartment by the landlord in order to serve the warrant.

-She brandished a shotgun in one hand and used her 5 year old child as a human shield

-there was a 3 hour standoff with police

-she pointed the aforementioned shotgun at the police and was subsequently shot and killed.  The child was also wounded in the altercation but is expected to live.

-I have no sympathy for a piece of trash who would use a child as a human shield and humanity is probably better without her

That last bit was just a personal note, and no I will not walk that back.  Oh I almost forgot, she had time to stream it on Facebook now.  Because when you hold you child as a shield and point a gun at police, it is imperative that the public know that there is a pandemic of police needlessly shooting black people and this video proves it right?  Actually that is not the case.  But you won’t find facts getting in the way of the Black Lives Matter narrative, oh no, all they see is blue on black crime.

Lets try and be honest and discuss some of these facts for a minute.  Yes blacks are disproportionately shot by police compared to their white counterparts.  But they also commit violent crime disproportionately when compared to their white counter parts.  A black person is almost 20x more likely to be killed by another black person, then a person of any other skin color.  In 2015 around 270 black people were killed by police, that accounts for only around 6% of all black killings, black on black killings accounted for around 90%.  So do black lives matter?  Of course they do, but not to the black lives matter movement, because if they did then they would focus on the 90% and start there, but instead they, like the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the world, have found a way to exploit black people for their own gain, the media is complicit in it, and all the while they are ignoring how little they truly believe that black lives matter.

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